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Pergolas: Insulated Roofing Vs Polycarbonate Roofing

by Glen Shelton

Pergolas are great outdoor living additions to incorporate into any home. They provide a leisure environment when one can kick back and enjoy nature and serenity. They also shelter one from harsh sunlight while offering a cool shade. And all that aside, pergolas are simply beautiful structural designs that give your home an architectural edge. When it comes to design, two popular options in the markets today are insulated roofing and polycarbonate roofing. Below, see how the two compare. 

Light penetration

Light is an important element when it comes to outdoor leisure structures such as pergolas. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are translucent and this allows light to seep in unrestricted. This ensures that your pergola is awash with natural light all day, every day. Insulated roofing blocks out the sun overhead completely. However, because the unit is located outdoors, you still enjoy natural light coming from the sides. However, between the two, polycarbonate roofing does offer better lighting overall. 

Heat insulation

The last thing you want when relaxing outdoors is to battle the heat. Insulated roofing offers a very cool atmosphere. This is because almost all the overhead heat from the sun is blocked out, thanks to the insulation in the panels. Polycarbonate roofing sheets also do offer some level of heat insulation. This is because, although they allow visible light to pass through, the heat is actually reflected away. However, insulated roofs do offer a cooler ambience by a slight margin. 


Being an extra addition to your home, you may not wish to put a dent in your savings putting up a pergola. And thanks to innovative building ideas, you won't have to. The building costs between the two installations are almost similar. They both take just a few days to install, from design to completion. Labour needs are minimal and so are the materials. The final costs will depend on the provider and the level of workmanship provided.  


When it comes to maintenance, pergolas with polycarbonate roofs need very little work. The sheets themselves don't easily scratch or break. They also can't rust. The galvanised steel or aluminium frames are very durable as well and don't rust either. So all the maintenance needed is on lighting and perhaps a fresh coat of paint every few years. The same goes for insulated roofs, except that the exterior metal roofing will need to be checked for leaks and paint peeling after several years of use. 

There is no shortage of pergola builders across the country. Choose a contractor with a tasteful eye and clever designs in order to make your build stand out. Otherwise, be it polycarbonate sheets or insulated roofing, your pergola will be a great addition to your property.