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Stain Pain | 4 Budget-Clever Tricks To Eliminate Meatball Sauce Stains For Under $2

by Glen Shelton

Love spaghetti and meatballs? You're not the only one! Despite its Italian heritage, spaghetti with meatballs is perhaps one of the most popular meals in the world. The hearty tomato-based marinara sauce punctuates the delectable stature of the dish perfectly and leaves you feeling thoroughly satiated... until that dreaded meatball sauce stain on your precious carpet. Contrary to your assumption, you don't have to spend a fortune on carpet cleaning. In fact, this commentary offers you budget-clever tricks to eliminate meatball sauce stains for under $2.

Purchase A Home Brand Version Of White Vinegar From A Grocery Store

Home brand versions of white vinegar are generally available at major retail stores near you and cost a meagre 6 to 10 cents per 100 ml. This means that you'll only spend $2 for a 2-litre bottle, which will probably last you for several months. You're probably wondering why vinegar will help eliminate the meatball sauce stain. White vinegar is made up of 5 percent acetic acid. This acid reacts with the sauce stain to lift it off the surface during carpet cleaning. The best part is that you could also use the vinegar for your cooking needs, so you've got an all-round winner on your hands.

Douse The Stain With White Vinegar

Empty some vinegar into a spray bottle. You can dilute it with a little water if you like, but spraying the stain with complete vinegar will be more effective for eliminating the stain. Once you douse the entire meatball sauce stain with vinegar, let it react for a few minutes before undertaking your next carpet cleaning action.

Dab The Stain Using A Rag From An Old Piece Of Clothing

You don't have to use paper towels or new cloths to dab the stain. Use a rag from a torn shirt or piece of clothing and start dabbing the meatball sauce stain. This carpet cleaning act will lessen the meatball sauce stain significantly. Keep adding some vinegar and dabbing the stain until you're satisfied that it has completely vanished. An old rag costs you nothing. Observing the stain disappear will feel priceless on such a thrifty budget.

Let The Carpet Dry

Wait for the carpet to air dry naturally before allowing anyone on it. Open up your windows to enhance drying speed. Don't use hairdryers or other artificial drying methods because you don't want to risk shrinking the fibres with heat. Once the carpet is naturally dry, you can set foot on it once again.

These under $2 actions are perfect for your tight budget. But if the meatball sauce stain is difficult to remove or if you have considerably dirtied the surface, you may need carpet cleaning companies to do a professional job.