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Benefits of a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

by Glen Shelton

If you are going to cut your grass yourself, you will need to invest in a lawn mower. There are many options available, but the zero turn mower has had many satisfied customers along with the ability to provide some unique benefits. These benefits make the zero turn lawn mower the most effective option on the market.


The first main difference between the zero turn mower and other types of lawn mowers is the steering. Many lawn mowers that you ride on use steering wheels, while push lawn mowers are turned by your force. Zero turn mowers are useful because they are guaranteed to make smooth turns that will not danger you as the rider and will make your grass cutting a bit smoother. There are two sticks or levers on either side of you as the driver. You push both forward to go forward and both backward to go backward. If you want to turn, you simply push one side more than the other (similar to steering a horse). If you pull one back while you push the other one (making each of the wheels turn in opposite directions), the drive wheels will be the pivot point for your motor. This method will give you a zero turn, making your mowing rows neater, and you will be able to essentially pivot the machine in one spot.

Special Design

While the steering is the main difference between a zero turn mower and another type of ride on motor, the zero turn motor also has another design that makes it stand out. Because of its turning mechanism, the mower can cut closely around objects so you will not need to later come back and trim around the edge of the area you cut. You can do it all in one process, not leaving any uncut grass.


You can make the zero turn mower even more effective by choosing to add a bag system onto the mower. This bag will catch most of the grass clippings, meaning that you do not need to rake them up afterward. This will leave your yard looking better. You can also choose to add a hitch onto the back of the mower, allowing you to attach various materials on the back of the mower to take with you at all times. You can also have a dump cart or a sprayer added on for special projects.