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3 Ways To Set Up Your Room For Maximising Cooling From Your New Air Conditioner

by Glen Shelton

If you've decided to install a new air conditioning unit in your home, then you've probably made a good decision with summer temperatures in Australia soaring beyond comfortable levels. While you've probably made a decision with respect to brand, load and type of AC, you can set up your room smartly in your quest to further maximise the cooling effect of your new air conditioning unit.

Add Thick Window Treatments To Keep Out Heat And Sunlight

Sunrays coming through your clear glass windows add a tremendous amount of heat to the room during hot summers. This can push up indoor temperatures by several degrees. If your AC runs in a room filled with sunlight, it will have to work harder to ensure that the room becomes cool. An AC working harder consumes more energy, which will push up your electricity bills. The best thing to do to keep your room cool is to install window treatments like thick curtains or blinds. These window treatments sit closely against the glass and will prevent any sunlight from coming into your home during the hottest parts of the day. More importantly, they prevent heat from getting in, so your air conditioning unit doesn't have to work extra hard to cool down the room.

Seal Any Openings Around Windows And Doors

A room needs to be properly insulated to ensure that cool air from the air conditioning unit doesn't escape through unsealed areas. Inspect your room carefully and look for small holes around doors and windows, which may have been inadvertently created during installations. If you notice any small holes and gaps, use sealants or putty available at home improvement stores to seal these small openings. This will ensure that cool air is retained in your room to maximise the effect of your air conditioning unit. If the holes are bigger than you anticipated, you  may need to get a professional contractor to seal these openings.

Remove All Obstructions From The AC Vents Area

Whether you have installed a split or window air conditioning unit, make sure that the area around the supply vents are free from any obstructions like clothes racks, cabinets and bookshelves. These obstructions around the vents will prevent air from being evenly distributed across the room. Your AC will then have to work harder to cool down the room completely, which once again means higher energy bills. If you cannot move fixed obstructions, consider another unobstructed wall for your AC unit.

Follow these smart actions in your quest to maximise the cooling effect of your brand new air conditioning unit. For more information, talk to a professional like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.